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God's asked us to love all unconditionally

This blog includes our thoughts and experiences before, as we prepare to go (time where God works on our hearts for what is on His), when we are on mission (serving God and loving those He has asked us to reach) and after we have come back (what we learned and can share to glorify Him). 

We never know when, where and how God will provide. All we have to be is prepared to open our hearts to listen to His heartbeat. As a family we have learned to slow down the pace of the world, remove distractions and bask in His glory. Sometimes this is not a pleasant experience as we can get so caught up in being busy for God.

We want to include you as part of our family and community. We would love to hear more about your experiences and also what you feel about what we are sharing. We need all the encouragement we can get, prayers, ideas and advice, especially if God has called you and your family out to serve Him too.

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